My Apricot Tree does not produce fruits


For the last 6 years, my apricot tree has not produced any fruit. Though it had white flowers a number of times. Is it because of pollination? The tree is green and healthy and no obvious sign of any issue. There used to be some trees in my neighbour garden, which were removed around the same time, do you think, that could be a reason.

My backyard has 2 more trees of Pear and they are doing fine.
Please suggest, what can it be?



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about your apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca). The removal of apricot trees from a neighbouring garden could be a reason for the lack of fruit on your tree. While nearly all common varieties of apricot are self-fruitful (do not require cross-pollination), most will produce better when pollinated by another close-by apricot tree. (Note that cultivars are compatible with each other.)

There are also other possible reasons for the failure of your tree to bear fruit. Apricots can be difficult to grow in most regions of Ontario (with some exceptions) because of their extreme sensitivity to spring frosts. Once the buds begin to swell and develop, they are sensitive to frost damage that will prevent the flowers from setting fruit.

An apricot tree (and any other fruit tree) will also not bear fruit if it has been over-fertilized. Too much nitrogen results in vigorous vegetative growth at the expense of flower production. Even if you have not fertilized your tree, perhaps you have applied fertilizer to lawn near the tree, and it has found its way to the roots of your apricot tree.

Vigorous vegetative growth could also be the result of over-pruning. Apricots bear fruit on 1-5 year old wood. They should be pruned annually in late winter but care should be taken to not remove too much fruit-bearing wood. Generally, making thinning cuts (to remove entire branches back to their point of origin) results in less vegetative growth, than heading cuts (to remove a portion of a branch).

Hopefully this information is helpful and your tree will begin bearing lots of fruit in the years to come!