My Cherry Tree is Dying


Dear Sir or Madam,
I have a 15 year old Cherry tree in my backyard in Markham, Ontario which is now dying unfortunately.
I attached 2 photos of it for your kind attention. One photo shows a sample of its branches covered with lots of black/blue fungus/molds!? The other photo indicates its poor leaves condition in yellow color.
This tree used to yield Approx. 8 Kg of cherry every summer several years ago. But now, it doesn’t produce any cherry.
Please kindly have a look the photos and send me your advice for saving this tree.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. This year we have received numerous questions regarding ailing cherry trees.

Unfortunately only one of your two photos managed to upload. Although it is extremely difficult to see details of the bark from your photograph, the disease appears to be either black knot or bacterial canker. You will need to look closely to figure out which you are dealing with before deciding on a treatment.

I am attaching a link from one of our archived posts on Cherry Tree Black Knot

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Good Luck with your cherry tree.