My lawn is dead


I live in Toronto n my lawn this year is not looking good at all ! Please help me. I am also thinking if possible to plant an alternative to grass and I will not have to pay to someone to cut the lawn, should I buy a fertilizer? Grass seeds ? A mix of both ? A micro ground cover ?


In order for us to help, we would need to know what “not looking good at all” means with respect to your lawn.   As well, it is important to consider issues that affect your lawn like the soil type (e.g., clay, sand), how much sun the area receives, whether the lawn is being watered regularly and fertilized, and the presence of weeds – to name a few.

Here are some references to start with:

And for alternatives to grass, see Toronto Master Gardeners. Lawn alternatives and organic care of groundcovers.

I suggest that you visit your local nursery for some advice on selecting the best groundcover for your property.