Mysterious Weed


HELP! I’m unable to identify this weed. I spotted one growth a few years ago and now it took over 1/4 of our garden, it grows everywhere, even between stones (we have no grass)
Any information would be much appreciated
p.s. We live in Mississauga


The plant in your photograph looks like a type of Daylily, or Hemerocallis species. Have you ever grown them until they produced flowers? Seeing a flower would help identify your plant with more accuracy. Daylily flowers are quite distinctive. Hemerocallis fulva is the most common species, with its orange flowers, to be seen invading roadsides and home gardens around the Greater Toronto Area.

Daylilies reproduce easily, if they like the growing conditions in your garden. They have a tuberous roots system. Have you noticed  swollen ‘tubers’, like tiny potatoes on the roots of your plants? Daylilies proliferate so successfully, by storing a nutrient rich food source within these root tubers.

If you pull up a plant and don’t get all of the tubers, the tubers left in the ground can grow into new plants. When removing invasive daylilies, check the soil around the hole to see if you have left any part of the roots behind. A few weeks later, check the area you weeded again to see if any new shoots emerge. If you weed the area every few weeks you will significantly reduce your daylily population. It may take a month or two to remove all of the shoots and tubers.