Native climbing flowering vines


Hi there, I have started a garden at my school using native plants. I would like to plant a vine ( preferably flowering) that could climb the chain link fence. Can you recommend a plant? The garden is part sun/part shade (sun in the afternoon). It has to be child friendly, nothing toxic. Thanks very much


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your request for suggestions for a flowering native plant vine. The following article seems ideal for your consideration. Although it is listed for Maine, USA, the vines in most cases would grow well here.

Growing Vertical with Native Vines: Climbing plants for fences, trellises and walls


The North American Native Plant Society does not have a similar site recommending vines, however they do hold plant sales at the Toronto Botanical Garden and Christie Pits Park. Online ordering is now finished but you can browse the plant list here:

We applaud your project of a native plant garden for your school from which many will benefit: the students, the birds and the pollinators. While we think of native plants as thriving where they are growing, newly planted seedlings require watering regularly in order to get established and what a meaningful way for the children to engage with the plantings.

We wish you well with beautifying a chain link fence, and with introducing our native plants to your fortunate students.