Native Honeysuckle


I’m getting confused. I have seen information saying that honeysuckle is an invasive (explaining it’s existence in the ravine systems) and I’ve seen at least a couple of references saying there is a native honeysuckle. For example listing as native species for hummingbirds. Is there a type of honeysuckle (vine or shrub) that is native to the GTA? I would very much appreciate a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance!



Many popular imported plants have been able to out compete our native species especially if they are easily propagated and¬†their seeds are easily dispersed. I would like to direct your attention to this posting on our web site that addresses invasive honeysuckles. Besides the alternatives listed in this post, you might also consider Diervilla lonicera – the Northern Bush Honeysuckle. It is a native honeysuckle with yellow flowers that may turn orange or brown as they age. Flowers and fruit appear in June and early July. This is a good shrub for a naturalized setting. Shrub does send out ‘suckers’ and has a tendency to outgrow it’s space so hard pruning is advised.

There are also several species of native honeysuckle (Lonicera) listed in Shrubs of Ontario, such as fly honeysuckle (L. canadensis), glaucous honeysuckle (L. dioica) and hairy honeysuckle (L.hirsuta).


Lonicera Japonica