Native Wildflower Seeds


Hello Master Gardeners!

I am a children’s librarian with TPL and aspire to do a seed bomb program involving native wildflower species for school-age children during March Break…do you know where I might find a small quantity of several native wildflower seeds, inexpensively? I was hoping not to have to use a wildflower mixture so that kids can look at the seeds for each flower, observe differences, etc.

Any input would be welcome!

Thank you,


This is a lovely idea for a children’s program especially given the increasing interest in native plants so I’m sure they will be very interested.

It is the policy of the Master Gardeners of Ontario to not endorse or recommend one commercial business or organization over another so we will try to give you some guidance without doing so.

Packages of seeds, in general, are not very expensive and often contain more seeds than you will need.  It is possible to get seeds for individual species to make your own mix or alternatively, get a premade mix of wildflowers.  Most nurseries and garden centres should already have or be getting their fresh supply of seed packages shortly.  You might also like to contact a specialty native plant nursery if you’re out of luck locally.  Also, many neighborhood nurseries and garden centres are willing to donate seed packages for a program such as yours, all you have to do is ask.

You might also consider joining the North American Native Plant Society ( which has a seed exchange (open to members through which members can each get up to 15 packages of seeds for native plants).  This initiative is running until the end of March 2023.  Membership is $25 per year which is much less expensive than 15 packages of seeds from a commercial organization.  Beyond the seed exchange, you may find this organization has many other resources you could utilize going forward.

I hope this helps.  Good luck with your program.