New gardener


Hello, I am new to gardening. Just started last year with lavender, asiatic lilies and hydrangeas(my favorite).

This year I got floribunda rose tree, bee balm, some hostas. I want to learn more and grow more perennials that bloom flowers. I love hydrangeas and asiatic lilies because they last so long :)
1. Looking for advice on what perennial plants (that flower) to grow that last majority of the summer.
2. What perennials to grow where I can cut the flowers and it grows back same season? The floribunda rose tree is great! I can cut the flowers and it promotes growth :)
3. I have a dog so want to avoid any poisonous plants for dogs.
4. Are Asiatic lilies flowers that I can cut and will they grow back same season like the floribunda? I cant find anything online for this.
Thank you so much for your help!
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Welcome to the world of gardening! You have started out well with perennials that bring beauty and joy.

To continue growth for you and your garden, you will want to use the Internet a lot, as you indicate you have already been doing, so here are a few suggestions to add bloom and colour for the rest of the year. Helenium, sedum, spider lily, aster, Russian sage, perennial sunflower such as Lemon Queen, rudbeckia, chelone. See below there is a link to our Gardening Guide for more perennial suggestions.

Summer bulbs that need to be planted late fall or early spring: dahlia, gladioli, colchicum.

Lilies do not bloom more than once per season, but many varieties other than Asiatic will provide an array of colour throughout the whole growing period.

Keeping your dog safe but included in garden life, you may find many resources and lists of safe and dangerous plants. Definitely avoid chrysanthemums, but share sedums with your furry friend.