New Spirea


I purchased a lrg Spirea which had new growth on it. I noticed that these branches were wilted before transplanting it. It wasn’t pot bound when it was planted. I tried to water it but it is continuing to have the same issue. I don’t want to kill it. The leaves aren’t discoloured. The rest of the plant is ok.
Thank you!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your Spirea question.

It is possible that the branches you described as being wilted , and continue to stay wilted after planting are due to either disease or possibly the canes may have been damaged.

If you have select canes that are dead or wilted in entirety, not half dead; then it is more likely that they may have been damaged. If you can inspect the canes to see any physical damage or breakage, then remedy here would be to simply prune the affected canes down to the base.

Any other configuration of wilted branches, suggests some disease or pest problem.

In either case, if you have purchased at any reputable nursery, it is strongly recommended that you return it for a healthy one. You also not want to introduce new pathogens to your existing garden.

It is important that when selecting a plant from a nursery , we don’t get carried away with excitement of adding a new attractive member to our garden, and then overlook  inspecting for disease or damages before we purchase it.