Newly planted boxwoods seem to be stressed


I had 9 boxwoods planted about 2 months ago. 10gallon boxwoods, about 1.5-2 ft globe shaped planted closely together. My plan was to create a formal hedge but it seems that it might not make it through the summer.

Some of the plants leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Im pretty sure I don’t overwater because I’ve only used the soaker hose for 30mins about twice in two months since planting. I always check with a moisture probe 3-6 inches below around the drip line.

If anyone can suggest what I can do to save my plants it would be greatly appreciated.


I know we’ve had a fairly wet spring but if you have only watered these newly planted boxwoods twice in the last 2 months, I’m pretty sure the yellowing/browning/leaf drop are all the result of underwatering.  Newly installed plants suffer some shock while being put in as their roots get disturbed, the soil environment is different and their light conditions change.

To minimize this shock we recommend regular deep watering at least twice a week, more often if the weather is hot and their location is in full sun.  I would also recommend that, after a good watering, you feed your new plants with a root boosting fertilizer (5-15-5).  This can be purchased at your local nursery, please follow the directions on the package carefully.  It would also benefit the plants to top-dress them with either a good compost or sheep manure.  After adding that, a 1-2 inch layer of mulch will help keep weeds at bay as well as aiding water retention in the soil.  When applying the mulch, leave a 2-3 inch space all around the plant trunk/stem so that the shrub bark is not coming in contact with the mulch.

Good luck.