No window office plants


I have been interested in getting a office client however, my office has no windows or natural light. I know there are a lot of green plants that will survive in this environment. But I was interested in a plant with more color to it. I was wondering if bromeliads are good no window office plants and any tips to keep Bella no natural light plant growing


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Whatever plant you choose to grow indoors, you will increase your chance of success if you can simulate the plant’s original environment.

Most bromeliads are native to tropical regions. A significant number of bromeliad species come from the understory of tropical rain forests. These native habitats shape how the plants perform in various conditions. For the most part, bromeliads thrive in bright, sunny spaces. Ideally, bromeliads would be grown in a greenhouse that is kept between 70 and 80 degrees, they would have plenty of humidity as well as excellent air circulation.

Plants which are particularly suited for the office are those that require low levels of light. In nature this would include those plants that would be located at the bottom of a forest floor with a very thick canopy above them. Plants which have evolved under these conditions have have developed large, usually darker green leaves that capture what light they can and use them to grow.

Office plants is one of our archived posts which lists a number of plants that are suitable for a windowless office where natural light is not available.

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