Oak leaf die off


My swamp white oak is experiencing leaf die off starting on the bottom branches and from the trunk out. There is browning on the tips of the leaves and curling but there are also holes in the leaves all the way to the top


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your query about your swamp oak.

We have had many inquiries this year concerning oaks. From your photo it appears that your swamp oak is suffering from Oak Anthracnose.

Anthracnose is a fungal disease which needs leaf moisture in order to infect, grow and spread.  It is not fatal to oak trees but usually becomes apparent during wet weather, which we’ve had plenty of this spring. Anthracnose infections typically begin in the lower canopy and progress upwards. This is because shade and free moisture are more abundant in the lower canopy. Oaks can recover from anthracnose.  As temperatures rise in the summer, the incidence of the infection should be reduced.

One of our ealier posts entitled: Red Leaves Curling up and Falling off in July lists steps to discourage a repition of this disease next year.

Good Luck with your Oak Tree.