Oak Leaf Hydrangea


I planted this shrub three years ago. It was about 30 in. then and has since grown to a little more than 4 feet. I fertilize it in the Spring, water it regularly and surround it by compost. It is in dappled or partial shade. It looks very healthy.
The problem is that it does not bloom at all. I searched for an answer and the only thing I found is that it might be due to faulty pruning practices.
The thing is that I don’t prune it.
Any clue ??



It sounds like you’re taking extra good care of your plant and that is, more than likely, your problem.

By fertilizing it in the spring and also adding compost, you are overdoing the feeding, especially with Nitrogen (N).  Nitrogen promotes vegetative (leafy) growth but to the detriment of blooms.

So, next spring, do not feed it at all as there will probably be lots of N in the soil for it to take up.  Just maintain a regular watering schedule and you should get some blooms.

The following year, if you feel the plant needs to be fed, just topdress around it with well rotted manure or compost.  If you want to go the granular fertilizer route, then feed it with a low N, higher phosphorus (P) formulation such as 15-30-15 (N-P-K = Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium).

Hope this helps.

August 26, 2021