Okame Cherry Tree


My wife and I would love to plant a Kwanzan in our front yard but I’m more concerned with the size of the tree at full maturity overtaking a lot of space. (our lot is 40′ wide)

I’ve come across a variety to cherry tree called the Okame Cherry Tree which is just as nice, but smaller.

Wondering if anyone knows of where it may be for sale in Toronto? (or if it’s even possible for sale in Toronto?)


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  We cannot make recommendations for businesses/nurseries that sell specific plants as we are a volunteer organization dedicated to giving out sound, practical, up-to-date horticultural knowledge to the gardening public.

Please review Landscape Ontario’s find a company site https://landscapeontario.com/find-a-company to find a garden centre that sells Okame Cherry trees.  If this fails, I would suggest you contact a nursery in your area to see if they can get this plant in for you.  If not, then ask them for a referral to a nursery who specialize in bringing in these varieties of plants as they will also be able to advise you on plant care.

Good luck.