Old Common Moss Rose


I would like to take cuttings from my rose bush to give to my children but don’t know how to do it.


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question. What a lovely idea for a family heirloom!

For a step by step guide to taking antique rose cuttings, “Master of Hort” Antique Rose Propagation provides a straight-forward approach. Keep in mind that the author is based in Texas. You will need to ensure your new plants have hardened off before our winter hits.

Another clear guide to taking rose cuttings is provided by  The Spruce on Rose Cuttings . This site makes the excellent point that a grafted rose can be propagated by cuttings but the new plants may lack the root hardiness of the original plant. This will depend on the hardiness of the moss rose variety as well as the root stock used in the graft. Many old roses are grow on their own roots, in which case you will not have this problem.

Please take a look at this TMG response on rose cuttings. These cuttings had already been taken and then kept under glass mason jars until roots and leaves began to grow. The response deals with what to do next.

You might also enjoy reading a little article on  Moss rose origins

Best of luck with your propagation project!