Pale leaves on African violet


One of my three African Violets has developed pale green outer leaves. The inner leaves are the normal darker green shade.

Six weeks ago I transplanted the three plants, which had originally been crowded together in one pot, into individual clay pots with new African Violet soil. All are growing and spreading out nicely.This one is the largest, about 6 inches across. It is the only one with pale outer leaves. None has started flowering yet.

They have always sat on the dining table. Any light is filtered by a sheer curtain over an east-facing window. I doubt that they have had enough light to bleach the leaves.

Should I be concerned about this different violet? Is there anything I should be doing/not doing to care for all three? Will they flower again?


Dear gardener, thank you for asking this question about African violets. They are little plants of such beauty, and I totally understand your concern for yours.

I think that before I go into any details, the most important thing that you need to know is that your African violets are hardy plants and they will recover being transplanted. They will flower again! They are just in a little bit of shock from being transplanted, and maybe the biggest one took the hardest hit to its root system. But it will recover.

Most likely, the lighter leaves will not darken. Take a sharp blade (sterilize it first), and gently cut off the three leaves at a slight angle. You can root these leaves in water or soil and they will generate new African violet babies for you. Further information on how to do this can be found on the African Violet Society of Canada website here: Propagating African violets from leaves.

To find out more about African Violets (Saintpaulia), may I suggest that you go to the society’s website. They have about 400 Canadian members, hold conventions, and have a newsletter. Here’s their website. There is also an African Violet Society of America, and you can find their website here. Enjoy growing your African violet family!