Pandanus veitchii – watering*


Hi. Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I was just wondering with the problem of the yellowing and brown leaves, can I take the plants from the West Side window and put them at my desk for the winter and put them back into my west side window in the spring? I have a small 24″ fluorescent light above my book shelf and as well, I bought two 6400 Full Spectrum Lighting screw in bulbs for plants. Also could I change the soil in those pots. They have been in that soil for the past 2 years.


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Pandanus ‘Veitchii’ (or P. tectorius ‘Veitchii’) like an east or west exposure so unless the room temperature is very cold, it should be alright there.   Brown leaf tips can also be caused by excess soluble salts, which can build up on the sides of clay pots.  During the winter months you only need to water the plant when it is dry which is usually once per month.  When you water it, make sure you water it thoroughly so that any salts in the pot will run out at the bottom.  It is also possible that the leaves are turning brown because the plant needs repotting.  Usually they need to be repotted every one to two years. It’s best to wait until the spring or the end of March when new growth starts.  Use a pot which is the next size up. This will give your plant room to expand. Use gloves when you repot because the leaves are very sharp.

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Good luck with your plant.