Pandanus Veitchii – outdoor care *


I was wondering when I can start putting out my pandanus veitchii plant outside. I have now had this plant for 4 years and it is growing really good. I am wondering if I should give it new soil. I think the pot I have it in is a good size for it but am wondering if giving it new soil would help it grow even better.

I also forgot to ask you about the other Pandanus Veitchii plants that I have. The two others I have are already sprouting shoots and I have only had them for 3 years now and are smaller than my other bigger one I have. I was surprised that they are growing shoots already. Is there a reason for this?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Taking plants outdoors during the summer after being coped up in the house all winter long is like breadth of fresh air for your houseplants.  May 9th is the last frost date in the Toronto area so make sure not to take your plant outside before this date.

Once you are ready to bring your plant outside it is important to note that plants do not like shocks of any kind. You must slowly begin to acclimatize your plant to the outdoor elements.  Acclimating can be done by introducing the plant to a few hours outdoors the first day and then gradually increasing the time outside. After a week or two, the plants should be fully acclimated to the outdoors.

Light is one of the biggest factors contributing to plant shock. In fact, the intensity of sunlight outdoors is far greater than that found within the home. Therefore, it is best to acclimatize houseplants in shadier areas first, gradually increasing the amount of sunlight they receive. 

Repotting should be done at the beginning of the growing season in the early spring. I have not been able to find any reason why your two smaller plants are producing off shoots and not your older plant. The following article Pandanus ‘Veitchii’ gives information on repotting, propagation as well as overall care.