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I’m trying to understand if there is a general way to maintain all types of plants. Here is the challenge I’m trying to answer…

You have 100 plants of all different species. You’re in a room where you can adjust blinds for light and you have unlimited water supply. How do you keep them alive for as long as possible?

Any help here would be appreciated!


An interesting question.

Most indoor plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions. The key to successfully growing indoor plants lies in knowing and meeting the particular needs of your plants. It is unlikely that all 100 plants of different species would respond and thrive in identical conditions.

It is essential that you find the right spot in your home for each of your 100 plants and that you provide them with optimal conditions in terms of light, temperature and relative humidity. You also need to be familiar with the basics of watering, fertilizing and repotting needs of each of the 100 plants.

Below is a link that provide additional information on the kinds of conditions that different plants require.