Peach tree search for the elusive Golden Jubilee


Good Morning. I am searching for peach trees. I have been looking for a Red Haven and a Golden Jubilee. I see you carry the Red Haven which is good but the Golden Jubilee I do not see. I grew up with a Golden Jubilee which grew great with allot of delicious fruit year after year. I do not understand why no one carries it. I have been searching for over a year and I must get them planted this year. Could you please tell me why no one carries this? Would you also be able to help me as to where I could get a Golden Jubilee. Perhaps some strange disease wiped them out. I need help.
Best Regards John


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Golden Jubilee peach trees are a mid-season self- fruitful peaches that can be grown in cooler climates. These freestone peaches are not drought tolerant and grows best in full sun (minimum of 6-8 hours)  slightly acidic well-drained soil.

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to recommend particular sources for plants.

However, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)’s list of Fruit tree nurseries of Ontario  (which was last reviewed in August 2018) provides contact information and websites for several nurseries that seem to carry peach trees. I suggest that you contact a few nurseries to see if you can source the peach trees.  If you speak with someone at a nursery that does not carry the trees, be sure to ask if they can suggest another nursery for you to contact.

As well, if you do a “googlesearch” using the term “where to purchase peach tree Ontario”, this yields the names/websites of a few nurseries that still seem to be offering peach trees – Not all are on the OMAFRA list. Just doing a quick goggle search I found the following website:

Good Luck with your search!