Perennial Garden on Balcony


I live on the 11th floor in a condo in Brampton facing South .There is another building partially in front of mine . I do receive sun from the west and east. I live in Brampton.
Two years ago I attempted to plant a perennial garden with Clematis, rose Bush, TickSeed, and few other planters . I purchased containers that are meant for the winter, covered the plants with blankets, newspapers and mulch. Nothing survived.
I am so disappointed. Is there e any hope for a perennial garden ?



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding growing perennials successfully on a balcony.

As more and more gardeners are embracing growing plants on their balconies, we have had a number of enquiries about growing perennials in a balcony setting. Here are some excellent replies from our archives which will be of interest and help to your own venture:…erennial-gardens/ ‎ ‎

As well we add the following for more information and references:

We wish you every success for a fruitful gardening season.