Perennials near a Cedar Hedge


My name is Benoit and we are located in High Park. I have a cedar hedge facing west offering privacy for my front yard. I have been trying to make use of this 18-24″ in front of the cedar hedge without success. I have tried burberry, sedums, lillys, ground covers so far…. Perhaps the soils is too dry/acid/??? I have an irrigation system watering every 3 days. Any thoughts as to what could be tried next?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

The issue with planting in  front of the cedar is competition for water and nutrients between the cedar hedge and the newly planted perennials. Your best choice for planting in front is to choose something that is extremely drought tolerant and requires very little light.

From our website I have attached a page of articles and resources about drought tolerant perennials you may wish to consult.

We have a great deal of information readily accessed from our homepage. Just scroll down to our Find It Here Search box and type in your query term.

Best of luck this summer.