Persimmon Tree*


I live in a row house in downtown Toronto. In the front garden is a persimmon tree that I planted some 20 years ago bare root. It is healthy and sends out off shoot trees in my neighbours’ gardens (left and right). I want to take it out (as the neighbour wants to uproot it in anyway) and give to someone. What do you suggest as it comes off a tap root?


Depending on whether the tree is a Diospyros virginiana or a Diospyros kaki, the root system will vary.  The common persimmon tree has a non invasive root system whereas the Asian or Japanese persimmon tree has a tap root.  Much of the literature states that a common persimmon will grow in Zone 5, but a Japanese persimmon will grow in Zones 7 to 11.  Is it possible that you have a common persimmon and thus an easier root system to move.  The easiest guide to transplanting this tree is outlined at the following site:

If the tree is extremely large you may wish to contact a certified arborist. To find a certified professional arborist visit the Ontario branch of the International Society of Arboriculture here.