Pests on Cherry Tree


Hello, We have a beautiful and large cherry tree. The tree produces a lot of fruit. Unfortunately, we have these small worms in the fruit (white-ish, sometimes kind of see through). The tree has buds now. How can we ensure the tree is free of worms? We are in Toronto, and are open to the idea of hiring someone to spray for worms. Thank you


Thank you for your question to Toronto Master Gardeners. From your description, the worms could be fruit fly maggots. Please read the answer to a previous question on the same topic and be sure to click on the link to the OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) guide.

Worms in cherries

One word of caution and a suggestion. Please be sure that the pest you describe really is a pest. Once they appear, place a cherry or a leaf with a few of the worms in a clear zipped plastic bag, and take this sample to your nearest reliable nursery to confirm their identity.  Landscape Ontario’s website can provide you with a list of the garden centre nearest you:

I hope you get to enjoy your cherries this summer.