Pink Climbing Roses


I was there last year and I saw these roses along the fenced area near the small “hut” by the Lawrence entrance. I didn’t see any identifications.

Can you tell me the name of that climbing rose and where I might be able to purchase them. Been to many nurseries and never seen them.

Also will these do well in a rock garden along a porch/awning.



Hello and thank you for your inquiry.

It is difficult to identify the name of the rose without a picture of the rose in bloom.

According to the Toronto Botanical Garden Director of Horticulture, if it is the light pink one (that will fade to almost white), it is the “New Dawn” rose.  If it is the deeper pink one rose., it is the “Marguerite Hilling”.

You may also be interested in taking a look at our Gardening Guide on:  Pruning Roses: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide,  found on our website.

You might consider contacting the Canadian Rose Society to ask if they could tell you where you might be able to obtain the rose.  Below is the link.  You will find lots of information about roses.

Roses generally do best in full sun.  If your rock garden is in a sunny location and your porch will provide a strong support as the rose climbs, that could be a suitable location.