Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangea


I bought a Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangea at Sheridan a few years go. It’s doing well and growing up my trellis and pergola. it’s about 8-10 feet now. It’s blooming this year for the first time ….and it’s white! What might be the cause of this, other than it was mis-labelled!? Thx




Based on the picture included with your question the plant that you purchased was misidentified.  It is a Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) and  not the Japanese Climbing Hydrangea (Schizophragma hydrangeiodes “Roseum”).  These are very similar vines, both members of the hydrangea family and climbers with heart shaped leaves.  The actual flowers of both plants are white.  However the Climbing Hydrangea has four petals or sepals around the white flower while all cultivars of the Japanese Climbing Hydrangea has only one sepal around a white flower). In the case of the Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangeo the color of the single sepal can vary from year to year ranging from white to a rich pink.  However there will always be only one sepal.

I suggest you visit Sheridan with pictures of your plant, as well as a picture of Schizophragma hydrangeiodes “Roseum” to see if they will replace what you got with what you wanted.

Both are beautiful plants and I am sure that you would be pleased with your Climbing Hydrangea but none the less you may want to replace it with what you originally desired, although it would be a few more years before the new vine would bloom.  Note that while the Japanese Climbing Hydrangea is slightly less hardy than the Climbing Hydrangea both will grow around Toronto.