Pink Orchid Cactus identification and how to grow it in Toronto?


Dear Master Gardener,

I hope you don’t mind me submitting another picture of my mysterious pink orchid cactus here. I am curious to know its proper identity and how to take proper care of it in Toronto.

Many thanks for your valuable information.


I actually think your cactus is a a species of epiphyllum (pronounced “EP IH FILL UMS”),  a type of cactus.  Epiphyllum plants are native to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America.

In nature, epiphyllum species grow in trees along with orchids and bromeliads. There are many colourful hybrids.

According to the Epiphyllum Society of America, these plants are easily propagated using unrooted cuttings. However, they are slow growing and it usually takes at least three years before you will begin to get flowers.  A plant that is already rooted and growing will usually bloom in less than three years.

For more details on how to propagate this beautiful plant, please see

Good luck!