Plant ID – Glory of the snow


Could you please tell me the name of this flowering plant. It is in full bloom and makes a pretty carpet. My neighbour said it comes up every year but she does not know the name. Many thanks


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners for identification this pretty plant. The flowers in your photo appear to be either Chionodoxa luciliae or Chionodoxa forbesii which are both commonly known as Glory of the Snow. One of the earliest blooming plants in Toronto gardens, they are bulbous perennials native to Turkey. After flowering, their foliage will die back and the plant will lie dormant until the following spring. These ephemeral plants will naturalize in the garden by bulb offsets and self-seeding.

Here is a link to a Toronto Master Gardeners Gardening Guide on Bulbs for Naturalizing.


April 13, 2023