Plant (weed?) identification


We purchased a house last year and a previous owner obviously enjoyed gardening. There are some beautiful plants that have popped up, but I was hoping to please have some help in identifying what I believe are weeds (although I’m not entirely certain). Any help is very much appreciated.


Although it is difficult to tell from the picture, this plant may  be Canadian Goldenrod, a member of the genus Solidago.

It is very difficult to tell before the plant is in bloom.

Solidago canadensis or Canadian Goldenrod is native to North America.  It is considered by some gardeners as a weed to be irradicated while others welcome in into their gardens for its flowers in late summer and early fall.  Goldenrods are attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinators.   The plant can be invasive, spreading by rhizhomous roots and is a problem in parts of Asia.

You might leave a few of these plants in your garden to positively identify once they flower.

Here is a link to more information about Canadian Goldenrod