Planting an Emerald Cedar


I have a potted Emerald Cedar and wondered if I can plant it in the ground today


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about planting your Emerald cedar.

Unfortunately, at this time of year, the ground is pretty much frozen in the Toronto area so it would be very difficult to dig a hole big enough to accommodate your plant.  Also, your plant is likely dormant at the moment and therefore, its roots are not taking up much in the way of water and nutrients now.  It is best, at this point, to leave your plant in its container until the spring, watering it enough to get it through the rest of the winter.

In the spring, when the ground has thawed, pick a spot in your garden where your tree has lots of space to grow.  After planting, water it in well and continue to water it throughout the spring and into the summer.  Once it establishes itself, you should have a lovely tree for many years to come.

The Toronto Master Gardeners get a lot of questions about Emerald cedars, below you will find a link to a response you might find helpful;

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