Planting anemones


I have a long rectangular garden bed that needs ground cover. I have selected two Anemone Canadensis/Windflower. Because they spread, do I plant them at each end of the rectangle and hope they spread inward, or do I plant them in the middle of the rectangle, and hope they spread outwards to the ends of the rectangle?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners concerning the planting of Anemone canadensis. 

This easy to grow perennial produces buttercup like white flowers from May till June. This Ontario native plant  can be quite aggressive. It is this rapid growth and adaptability to various types of soil and light requirements that make it an ideal choice for open spaces.

Plants grow 30-76 cm tall and should be spaced 60-76 cm apart. I would put your two plants spaced 76 cm apart starting in the middle of the bed. It is aesthetically more pleasing when plants are planted in odd numbers. So, if you decide to purchase one more plant I would space them 76 cm apart in a staggered fashion ( similar to a chevron- V )

Happy planting

July 8, 2021