Planting cedars in large planter on a deck


Hi there,
We are building a large deck and the planter will be a long (trough-like) 18′ long, 2.5′ wide, 2.5 high. I want to plant 7-8 cedars to make a raised privacy fence. We are in the Grimsby area on the mountain and lots of wind (however, fully fenced back yard). Any advice? Should I wrap them with burlap in the winter?
I read your other posts about lots of soil, watering frequently and protecting from wind.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Growing cedars in containers can be done in southern Ontario, but it does present a few challenges, especially during winter: potential freeze-thaw damage, drying winds and lack of moisture.  Cedars can grow fairly large, though the containers will prevent them from growing as big as they would in the ground.  Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your containers provide enough space for each tree and its respective root system.

We do often receive questions about cedars and there are a few pertaining to growing them in containers that we have answered on this website.  You mention that you’ve read some other posts, however, I’d like to share the following links with you, as they address specifically your question about burlap, in addition to other useful advice:


Also, you may like to also refer to the following gardening guide, ‘Evergreens Suitable for Hedging’:

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Best of luck with your cedars!