Planting Emerald cedars


I am looking at planting emerald cedars along my driveway to create a barrier between my neighbour’s property. It is grass right now but I’m thinking the existing soil is a clay and gravel mixture (from the driveway). What should I do to ensure adequate drainage and good growth?



The clay and gravel that exists currently will need to be removed partially and the soil amended: dig a trench   1/2 meter wide and 1/3 meter deep, fill the bottom of the trench with soil mixed with triple mix (compost, top soil, peat).  Once the cedars are in place (standing straight) fill in with a soil/triple mix mixture, firming in as you plant and water well. It is said that smaller new cedars will establish more quickly than plants twice as tall and staking is also recommended. They need at least six hours of full sun and need to be watered (but not soggy), especially during scorching summers. A mulch will help to conserve water and keep the soil cool. They are a visually stunning choice and with relatively little maintenance a practical choice also.

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