Planting Info


When and how do I plant the tubers of the cyclamen hyderifolium. I gather in a moist part sun part shady location. Will they survive a Toronto winter?


Cyclamen hederifolium is hardy to zone 5, so yes in theory they will survive a Toronto winter.  In practice there are a bit fussy, and destined to fail if placed in the wrong spot.  If however you find a location to their liking they are very hardy and in fact will multiply to your delight.    Plant the bulbs in the late summer/fall after soaking for 24 hours in lukewarm water.  Place bulbs just under the surface of soil preferably with a bit of gravel or course sand beneath them.  Cyclamen will suffer with either too much or too little moisture.  So make sure that they are not covered by a large amount of snow, as the melting snow in the spring will cause the bulbs to rot, same goes for leaves, too much leaf cover will not allow enough light for plants to dry off.    I have found the best place to be under a tree (where little else grows) as the tree roots take up any excess moisture.  Many people choose to enjoy Cyclamen as an indoor plant because it is easier to cater to their needs, but if you persist and find the perfect environment you will be rewarded with an outstanding early spring display of beautiful flowers and foliage.  Good Luck !