Planting Japanese maple


I want to plant a Japanese maple in my front yard, it is north east facing. I live in North Brampton, and would also like to know what other plants would go well with it.

I would also like to know how I can get more information on gardening as I am a novice.

Thank you,


Hello Lavleen, and thank you for your inquiry. It is always music to our ears at Toronto Master Gardeners, to hear from clients who are eager to learn.

First, regarding planting  a Japanese maple , Acer palmatum or A. japonicum, at the front of your property, you have chosen a tree that can grow to be a breathtaking natural feature, both in colour and form.  As you make your decision on which cultivar to choose, and keeping in mind the hardiness zone in which you live,  I would suggest that you consult our TMG Guide, (one of the 4 main titles on the home page), and that link will take you to numerous Guides. Choose “Trees and Shrubs”. There you will see “Growing Japanese Maples”, which discusses “How to Grow Them”, “Common Problems” and “Propogation”. Consulting a tree expert at your local nursery should also help you understand which cultivars grow with the greatest success in your region, considering soil and weather conditions.

Regarding what you might plant in the immediate vicinity, it is important to remember that the roots of Japanese maples are very shallow, so take care when introducing other plant material.  For greater detail, please see:

Since you have now discovered the TMG, you might want to visit the home page, and follow the link called “Gardening Tips”, which are updated throughout the  weeks and months. And further, check out many of the other TMG Gardening Guides, which have been written to provide in-depth advice on a very wide range of horticultural topics. And enjoy your tree-planting experience!