Planting vegetable and fruit seeds from Turkey


I have fresh tomato, pepper, grapes, and walnut that I brought with me from my grandparents garden in Turkey , that I want to plant in my backyard.

I need help with seeding and planting process .

I live in Toronto, Ontario and my backyard has the sunny and shade areas.

I hope you will be able to help me figure out if my plan is doable.


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question. It is a wonderful plan to grow plants from your grandparents’ garden in your own backyard.

Growing tomatoes and peppers from the seeds you collected is relatively straight-forward and you will find many resources covering the topic on the internet. This Toronto Master Gardeners’ Gardening Guide on Growing Vegetables in an Urban Environment provides some good general advice.

The difficulty increases with growing fruit vines/trees from your seeds. It is generally suggested to start with small plants. Below, I have listed a few resources to get you started with your seeds.

Growing grapes from seed presents some challenges. This article in Gardening Tips gives good, general coverage of the topic (Growing Grapes from Seed).

Your walnut tree will need a little more planning and time before you will harvest a crop of nuts (at least 10 years). This general article, Master Class – Walnut tree, provides a starting point.

I hope these resources give you a starting point for your project.