Potential Fungus growth on backyard evergreen


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Last summer I trimmed a few lower branches of my evergreen tree. It seems that there is a fungus infection at those cuttings and I was wondering if I should do anything.
Any help is much appreciated.
I attached one photo and shared a few more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/L1BcXsjeLjmQk3rh9

Thank you very much!


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. It is strongly recommended that you have a professional arborist assess the tree because it is very difficult to diagnose the problem through  photographs. The white discharge might be benign but it is also possible that the tree has a fungal infection such as Cytospora canker.
Generally evergreen trees do not need to be pruned except to remove dead branches. If you decide that it is necessary to prune a tree, late winter to early spring is the best time to prune. It is not recommended to prune live branches during the growing season that occurs late spring through summer. The bark can be damaged which makes them susceptible to fungal infection. For more information about pruning evergreen trees, please see:


For more information about fungal infections in evergreen trees please see: