Potted Grapefruit Trees Dying *


Hello, we have two approximately four year-old potted grapefruit trees that have been healthy up until recently. We have kept them outdoors during the spring and summer months and have recently brought them indoors since the weather has gotten colder. Prior to bringing them indoors, the leaves all started to curl, dry up and lose their green colour. We checked the soil and it wasn’t too wet or too dry, just moist. We use Miracle Grow once per season. We also have a potted lime tree that is cared for in the same way and is doing well. Thanks for your help!



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master gardeners with your gardening inquiry.

It is not uncommon for plants to lose some of their leaves during the winter months, especially after they have been brought indoors for the winter. The reduced sunlight levels and lower humidity in our homes cause some stress for the plant; in order to conserve its resources, it drops its leaves.

There have been a number of questions on our website regarding leaf drop in Meyer lemon trees. Even though our responses deal with Meyer lemon trees, the same solutions can be applied to your grapefruit tree.

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This will hopefully answer your concerns and offer solutions to help your grapefruit tree recover.