Preparing Garden Soil For Tomatoes Pat


1. Last Fall covered my garden with 2-3 inches of farm grade processed turkey litter compost so nutrients could leach into the soil over Winter. Should I add another layer of same compost early this Spring 3-4 weeks before planting or is what I put on last Fall sufficient and would I be overdoing it by adding more this Spring.
2. Should I be adding a small amount of same turkey litter compost to the planting hole (along with some bone meal) when planting my tomato seedlings?
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Toronto Master Gardener website has some answers when and how to use composted Turkey Manure in the garden. Turkey Manure in the garden

We also recommend reading the following on soil composition Soil Composition

We also have information about bone meal. Bone Meal

Placing the composted Turkey manure in the fall will provide your soil with nutrients needed this spring. Suggest not to add the Turkey compost with the bone meal in the hole with the tomatoes as it may be adding an over abundance of calcium and phosphorous. Bone Meal Myths

Side dressing the tomato plants would be a better option than adding the compost and meal right in the hole or on top of the soil this spring . Side dressing tomato’s with fertilizer