Privacy Hedge


I live in Vaughan Ontario. My Backyard is approx. 25′ wide x 45′ deep. I would like to plant along the fence to provide privacy. Are Arborvitae a good option? What else might work? I’m hoping that I can have something about 8-10′ tall in a year or so that is evergreen and easy to care for.


We have an excellent posting on our website, Fast growing tall evergreen hedge for privacy that needs no pruning.  It provides suggestions on different hedges you might want to consider, including arborvitae (e.g., Thuja occidentalis, or eastern white cedar), which is an excellent choice. The links from this article are helpful, in particular to Evergreens Suitable for Hedging: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide – a detailed document discusses pruning, and pests/diseases relating to a number of evergreens.

As well, I suggest that you search our website and review a number of other excellent postings concerning privacy hedges – search using the word “privacy”.