Privacy Hegde Fast Growing Narrow Space


HI I’m really close to my neigb. house. I want to create a very tall fast growing priv. hedge (20ft) Thinking about European beech or American Pillar. Any thoughts.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

There are many types of fast growing hedges, assuming that you want privacy, this would eliminate the European Beech as it is not an evergreen; during winter it will not provide full privacy.

Your choice of American Pillar Abortive is perfect. It is fast growing and has a narrow growth span which means that it will fit in the narrow space you describe between your neighbours. The height is also a good choice as it will grow 25 to 30 feet. This height will provides privacy without outgrowing its location. The American Pillar is also listed as being able to grow in part shade as well as full sun.

American Pillar Description

No matter what you choice you make; our website provides information on evergreen privacy hedges with how to plant the evergreen hedges. Planting is very important to how the plant will thrive.

Privacy Hedge – Planting Instructions

If the site does not have full or partial sun and is in a shady location I would suggest planting Hemlock  as they prefer shade to deep shade.

Hemlock Shade Planting

Another suggestion for shade or sun is a Yew. There are different varieties and sizes which all do well in part shade.

Yew For Privacy in Part Shade

February 2, 2022