privacy tree for small garden


I am looking for privacy tree for my small backyard. A tree that grows like cyprus tree tall and not too wide in circumference. Any suggestion.. i was told emerld green will be too big for my backyard. Need some privacy from neighbours . Even fast growing low maintence hedge. Viburnum ???


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master gardeners with your inquiry.

Your question is a popular one on the Toronto Master Gardener Website. If you search our Ask a Master Gardener website using the words “small tree for privacy”,  you will find many Q&A’s that provide helpful information regarding suitable tall screening plants and their maintenance. You might also be interested in our Gardening Guide on Evergreens suitable for hedging, click here.

When choosing plants for your site it is important to consider their eventual spread. Many taller trees are equally as wide, so look for ‘fastigiate’, ‘columnar’ or ‘pyramidal’ in the plants name.

You mentioned utilizing Viurnum as a hedge. Viburnums are a genus of more than 150 species, ranging in size from 3-20′. Most Viburnums flower in spring and many species bear ornamental fruit in the fall. Most viburnums grow in any moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Some viburnums prefer dry soil. Fine Gardening has an excellent article on growing Viburnums. You must remember if planting a deciduous hedge that you will not have privacy during the winter season. Both deciduous and evergreen hedges require regular prunning to keep it tidy.

Before choosing your tree or shrub for hedging it is important to note the amount of sun exposure. Does your backyard receive full sun (6-8hrs), part sun (4-6 hours) or will the tree be situated in shade. Soil type is also another consideration. Di you have sandy soil which drains quickly, clay soil which retains moisture or loamy soil. Once you are ready to plant your tree the Toronto Master Gardeners Guide on Planting a Tree is an excellent reference.

Happy Planting!