Privet hedges


Hello, when do the berries grow on privet hedges and do these plants attract a lot of birds and othet forms of wildlife?


It’s excellent that you are interested in planting to support birds and other wildlife. Unfortunately, though, privet is a poor choice. It is an invasive species that actually creates problems for our native plants and the creatures that depend on them.

You will find all the details in our Invasive Plants Fact Sheet here:

That fact sheet includes some suggestions for alternative plant choices.

In addition, depending on your soil condition, you might consider a holly such as Ilex glabra or inkberry, which is hardy in Southern Ontario. Unlike privet, it is a broad-leaf evergreen so has all-season interest, as well as being both a native North American shrub and a berry producer. It works well as a mass planting, but does prefer moist soil.

The following links provide more information about Ilex glabra and how to grow it:

Finally, you may find something appealing in this guide to native plants options from the province of Ontario: