Propagating Rose of Sharon


I have two Rose of Sharon plants in the backyard one is currently filled with new buds, the other did not return from winter. I want to take 5 or 6 cuttings from the from the existing plant because this plant flowers too beautifully to risk losing this coming winter..Is it too late 7 June 2019 to try rooting cuttings from this plant? I intend to place the cuttings in a 1ft by 1ft area filled with a mixture of sand and potting soil to root the cuttings..I intend to cover them with a small hoop house and leave them covered like this through the winter (2019/2020 in hope of planting them next spring 2020. Is this even a viable solution? Thanks in advance for your response .


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. You can take softwood cuttings in the spring/early summer and hardwood cuttings of Rose of Sharon in the fall. A softwood cutting should have fresh leaves 4 to 6 inches from the top and be the thickness of a pencil. Cut each one at a slight angle using a clean, sharp blade. Remove all the leaves along the bottom half. Dipping each stem in rooting hormone will increase the likelihood that they root successfully. When planting them in pots the bottom half of the cuttings should be fully buried beneath the surface of the potting mixture, and the cuttings positioned upright. Afterwards, water the pots and place clear plastic over them. Place the pots in indirect light. Check frequently to ensure the pots stay moist but they shouldn’t be soggy. After two months give the cuttings a gentle pull and if there is some resistance, they have rooted. Some sources suggest that you can transplant them in the garden once they have grown two more inches. While other sources suggest that you wait for a year. Given Toronto’s harsh winters recently you might want to wait until next year. For more information about propagating Rose of Sharon plants, please review the following websites: