Hello i have a aglonema pictum tricolour that is about to bloom. Would you be able to walk me through propogating seeds?
many thanks!!



Thank you for your question, which is a tricky one.  Aglaonema pictum tricolour (A. pictum ‘Tricolor’ also commonly known as Chinese Evergreen) is a aglaonema cultivar originating from Asia and commonly grown in North America as a house plant.  Whereas A. pictum ‘Tricolor’ can be grown from seed, the most common propagation method is by cuttings and plant division.  If you are able to harvest seeds from the base of the mature flower, one commercial reference suggests spreading the seed on light potting soil with a thin soil covering.  Germination could take up to 2 months.

You may also be interested in the Master Gardeners Guide Growing From Seed found at:

Propagation by plant division is an easier method. Cuttings can be rooted in potting soil.