Pruning a Hydrangea Tree


I have a hydrangea that was planted in 2013. At the time I was told to prune back 4 inches in the spring. Now the tree has gotten so big I feel it needs more pruning to get a better size. I’m afraid to cut back to much. Could you please tell me how much further back I can prune. The variety is Limelight by Proven Winners. I am unable to submit a picture, I hope that’s not a problem.


Hydrangea paniculata Limelight is one of the most beautiful, reliable  and easiest to maintain of the available hydrangeas. Often it is grown in shrub form, in which case, it can be pruned down to near ground level in the spring, if desired and you will get strong new growth from the bottom which will bloom for you in the same year.

Since you have the tree form of this plant, you can subject the flowering stems from last year to being pruned right down to above 1 bud union on each stem and you can also prune down any main branch that you want to keep small. Strong new growth will appear where these cuts are made.

I highly recommend the following video available on You Tube, which shows clearly and in detail how to prune your 4-year-old tree hydrangea and should vanquish your fears of pruning your tree too much or incorrectly.

How to Prune Tree Hydrangea 1 of 3 | Hydrangea paniculata – YouTube