Pruning a Jade Plant


Hello I have a Jade plant that is very important to me. It is an indoor plant. We do not get much sun indoors so I have been putting it out on my balcony lately. It has long hanging branches and even though I love them I read that it is not good for the plant to have long hang branches. I sent a picture. I was wondering where to cut? And what do I do exactly to prune it properly? I also would love any tips for growing a healthy plant that I will have for years to come. Thank you.




Congratulations on your healthy Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) which should remain beautiful and healthy for many, many years.

Below is a site which will answer your question about pruning

and one from Clemson University with excellent information on culture of your plant.

Our best wishes for it’s continuing health, and thank you for consulting Toronto Master Gardeners.