Pruning an indeterminate tomato plant*


tomato plant 10 feet tall what to do?


Hello!  Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  By the sounds of it you have a very healthy and robust indeterminate tomato plant.  Tomatoes come in two main growing types; Determinate or bush tomatoes, which stop growing once fruit is set on the uppermost branches.  This type of tomato plant requires little to no pruning.  Indeterminate plants will continue to grow until they are killed by frost.  These types of tomatoes do need some pruning.  It is late in the season now to start pruning suckers as they will be as thick as branches but it is a good idea to prune as much as possible from the bottom of the plant as not to invite pests and disease.  You can also prune excess leaf growth in order to encourage air flow and thus reducing your risk of fungus.

I tend to allow my indeterminate tomato plants grow as tall as they wish, but many people “top” or snip the growing tip about one month prior to frost date in order to encourage fruit to ripen.

Here is a couple of articles about pruning tomatoes that you may find useful.  I hope you enjoy a wonderful crop of tomatoes this summer!

Pruning tomato plants – University of New Hampshire