Pruning in the Fall – New Dawn climbing rose


I planted 4 climbing New Dawn roses on my front arbour in late Spring. I had some blooms and some weaker stems with no buds. Do I cut them all down this fall or just the weak ones or none??


For detailed information, see Pruning Roses: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide — There is a section on climbing roses, which mentions New Dawn by name.¬† The Guide details when to prune (after the flowers have faded, with maintenance pruning in early spring) and provides a couple of links to helpful web articles.

See also a good article in Gardenmaking by Judith Adam, How to prune roses, which includes a section on climbing roses, including New Dawn.

I suggest that you also prune back the weak stems you mention.¬†Remember that New Dawn blooms on new wood, so don’t prune away the flower buds.

All the best with your lovely roses!

August 27 2022