Purchasing healthy plants


I live in downtown Toronto (Roncesvalles). I just moved to a new home and have space to start a garden. I’m starting some flowers and veg from seed, but I hope to buy various starters and larger shrubs too (yarrow, clematis montana, black eye susan, Verbena, bridal bush). What nurseries or plant shops do you recommend? Small local shops have limited selection – I otherwise know only of Fiesta Farms and Home Depot. I will order bulbs for fall but hope to get some of these plants to put in the soil in the coming weeks. Thank you!


Dear Gardener,

Apologies, but the Toronto Master Gardeners don’t recommend particular nurseries. We suggest you go to the Landscape Ontario website and search for “retail garden centres”  to find places in their own areas:  https://landscapeontario.com/search

Just so you know, many of the larger garden centres have websites with product lists, and that given the unusual circumstances this year, it may be a good idea to call first to see what is in stock.